It’s really hard to be noticed when you’re running with the herd.

We hear the buzz words branding, brand identity, logo, mark and mission statement, you should have these, right? But what does it all really mean?

Your Brand is How the World Sees You

When you first set out to make a product or provide a service, there was something in you that said, “Hey, I can do that, and I think I can do it better than anyone else.” The core of that thought is what sets you apart, and it’s the basis for your brand. Your brand is how the world sees you, and if you don’t create and shape that perception, others will. The process of defining the personality of your product or service is called branding. The elements that your company creates to project your brand is called your brand identity.

Creating a Brand—Where Do I Start?

Ok, so now you want to develop your brand, where do you start? The first thing is to ask yourself and your team a few questions.

  1. Why are we doing this? What’s our mission? At Lush Design our mission statementDon't Run With the Herd_HEAD SHOT is: Design cool stuff, tell stories that change the world, have fun doing it.
  2. What does your company believe in and value most? At Lush Design we believe in the magical powers of creative problem solving. We value joy in our work and chocolate cake.
  3. What sets your company apart from all the other companies that do what you do or make what you make? We think Lush Design is different because we think of solving problems as an opportunity to tell a story—one that is outside of the box and is totally captivating. We also don’t care as much about the bottom line as we do about helping craft that perfect story for a client. We would rather walk away from a project than design something we feel is not the very best solution for the client—see our answer to question 1.
  4. If your company was a real person, what would that person be like? If Lush Design was a real person, she would be obsessed with out-of-the-box creative thinking, have a quirky sense of style, a well developed sense of humor, know a little kung fu and love the color pink.
  5. If your company could talk, what would it say? Lush Design would be witty and funny, with an uncanny ability to tell captivating stories. She would tell you to “ditch the herd” and “throw the box away” in a proper British accent (actually none of us are British—we just like accents).

Brainstorm Your Brand

Think about these questions, then schedule a brainstorming session with your team. People love to be included in this creative process. It’s a great way to step outside of the box, let your hair down and do some really creative thinking.

You can also give us a call to help guide your path to create your very own brand. We would love to help you tell your story.


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